Sunday, March 1, 2015

NO TO SODOM - by Avi Sion


Avi Sion,  Ph. D.

First published, 2008-9.


No to Sodom is an essay against homosexuality, using biological, psychological, spiritual, ethical and political arguments.

This book is drawn from the author’s larger work Logical and Spiritual Reflections.

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1.         Picking up the gauntlet
2.         Homosexuals defined
3.         Homosexual tendencies
4.         The biological role of sex
5.         Non-reproductive sex
6.         Deviance and suffering
7.         Some probable causes
8.         Changing rationalizations
9.         It is freely chosen
10.       Sensuality and perversion
11.       Spiritual impurity
12.       The essence of sodomy
13.       A social revolution
14.       The defenders and promoters of homosexuality
15.       Some legal issues
16.       A call for recovery
17.       (Annex) The Rabbis must ban homosexuals from Judaism
18.       (Supplement) Philosophy of law

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