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A Compendium.

Avi Sion,  Ph. D.

First published, 2013.


Logical Philosophy: A Compendium brings together five works by Avi Sion published in the years 2002-06, namely: Phenomenology (2003), Volition and Allied Causal Concepts (2004), Meditations (2006), Ruminations (2005), and Buddhist Illogic (2002).

These works together define what may be termed ‘Logical Philosophy’, i.e. philosophical discourse distinguished by its steadfast reliance on inductive and deductive logic to resolve epistemological and ontological issues.

Note that the works are placed in a logical rather than chronological order. This collection does not include work done on The Logic of Causation in the same period (published in 2003, 2005).

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Contents in brief

PHENOMENOLOGY: Basing Knowledge on Appearance


MEDITATIONS: A Spiritual Logbook

RUMINATIONS: Sundry notes and essays on Logic

BUDDHIST ILLOGIC: A Critical Analysis of Nagarjuna’s Arguments

Contents in more detail

PHENOMENOLOGY: Basing Knowledge on Appearance
1.         What, Why and How
2.         Organizing Principles
3.         Experiences and Abstractions
4.         Conceptualization
5.         The Self
6.         Additional Topics
7.         The Active Role of Logic
8.         Epistemological Issues in Mathematics
9.         Theology Without Prejudice

1.         Basic Causal Relations
2.         Interactions between Volition and Causation
3.         Further Analysis of Volition
4.         Consciousness and Responsibility
5.         Influence and Freedom
6.         Further Analysis of Influence
7.         The Workings of Volition
8.         Volition and the Special Sciences
9.         Will, Velleity and Whim
10.       Affections and Appetites
11.       Complications of Influence
12.       Urges and Impulses
13.       The Quasi-Purposive in Nature
14.       Concepts of Evolution
15.       More about Evolution
16.       The Self
17.       Some Topics in Deontology
18.       More Topics in Deontology

MEDITATIONS: A Spiritual Logbook.
  1. Some Theoretical Considerations
  2. Understanding The Self
  3. Some Behavioral Disciplines
  4. Some Sitting Meditations

RUMINATIONS: Sundry notes and essays on Logic
1.         About the Laws of Thought
2.         About Induction
3.         About Words
4.         About Formal Logic
5.         About Paradoxes
6.         About “Modern Logic”
7.         About Cognitive Development
8.         About Causal Logic
9.         About Negation
10.       Jewish Logic: A Brief History and Evaluation
11.       Islamic Logic
12.       Logical Aspects of Foucault's "Archeology"
13.       Comments on 3 chapters of Foucault
14.       Bolzano's Semantics Concepts

BUDDHIST ILLOGIC: A Critical Analysis of Nagarjuna’s Arguments
1.         The tetralemma
2.         Neither real nor unreal
3.         Nagarjuna’s use of dilemma
4.         The subject-predicate relation
5.         Percepts and concepts
6.         Motion and rest
7.         Causality
8.         Co-dependence
9.         Karmic law
10.       God and creation
11.       Self or soul
12.       Self-knowledge
Afterword: Not ‘empty logic’, but empty of logic
1.         Fallacies in Nagarjuna’s work
2.         Brief glossary of some basic concepts

(These five books can also be purchased separately.)

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